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Saints Row The Third - Cheats (PC)

Cheat codes

These codes are added via the "Extras" menu on the phone. They can then be activated or deactivated at will.


  • Activating any of these cheats will permanently disable both the autosave feature and ability to get any and all achievements on that save file, so make sure to save before using these cheats! Simply deactivating cheats will NOT restore the ability to receive achievements.

Cheats for player abilities

Cheat code Result
cheese Give $100 000.
letsrock Weapons (gives a full compliment of weapons).
goldengun Golden Gun (one-shot kills).
runfast Infinite sprint.
vroom Vehicles no damage (your vehicle is immune to damage).
repaircar Repair Car (fully repair vehicle).
isquishyou Vehicles Smash (your vehicle crushes other vehicles).
whatitmeanstome Enhance respect.
pissoffpigs Add Police Notoriety (+1 shield).
goodygoody No Cop Notoriety.
lolz Add Gang Notoriety (+1 star).
oops No Gang Notoriety.
nohud Hide game interface.
ticktock Accelerate time.

Cheat codes for weapons

Cheat code Weapon
giveairstrike SA-3 Airstrike.
giveapoca Apoca-Fists.
givear55 AR 55.
givebaseball Baseball Bat.
giveblossom D4TH Blossom.
givechainsaw Chainsaw.
givecyber Cyber Buster.
givecybersmg Cyber Blaster.
givedigger Grave Digger.
givedildo The Penetrator.
givedrone Reaper Drone.
giveelectric Electric Grenade.
giveflamethrower Flamethrower.
giveflashbang Flash Bang.
givegrenade Grenade.
givehammer S3X Hammer.
givekobra KA-1 Kobra.
givekrukov K-8 Krukov.
givelauncher GL G20 Grenade Launcher.
giveminigun Mini-Gun.
givemolotov Molotov.
givercgun RC Possesor.
giverocket Shock Hammer.
giverpg RPG.
givesatchel Satchel Charges.
givesheperd 45 Sheperd.
giveshield Riot Shield.
giveslm8 Viper Laser Rifle.
givesniper McManus 2015.
givesonic Sonic Boom.
givestungun Stun Gun
givesword Nocturne.
givetek TEK Z-10.
giveultimax As3 Ultimax.

Cheats for vehicles

Cheat code Vehicle
giveambulance Ambulance.
giveanchor Anchor.
giveattrazione Attrazione.
givebootlegger Bootlegger.
givechallenger Challenger.
givecommander Commander.
givecondor Condor.
giveeagle Eagle.
giveestrada Estrada.
givegatmobile Gatmobile.
givekaneda Kaneda.
givekenshin Kenshin.
giveknoxville Knoxville.
givemiami Miami.
givemunicipal Municipal.
givenforcer Nforcer.
givepeacemaker Peacemaker.
givepheonix Pheonix.
givequasar Quasar.
givereaper Reaper.
giverepaircar Repaircar.
givesandstorm Sandstorm.
giveshark Shark.
givespecter Specter.
givesquasar Squasar.
givestatusquo Status Quo.
givetaxi Taxi.
givetitan Titan.
givetoad Toad.
givetornado Tornado.
givevortex Vortex.
givevtol F69 Vtol.
givevulture Vulture.
givewidowmaker Widowmaker
givewoodpecker Woodpecker.

Сodes for weather

Cheat code Weather in game
clearskies Clear skies.
overcast Overcast.
lightrain Light rain.
heavyrain Heavy rain.

Cheats to change the world around

Cheat code Result
brains Zombies (all pedestrians become zombies).
dui Drunk pedestrians.
fryhole Heaven Bound (dead bodies float into the air).
hohoho Pimps and Hos (all pedestrians are pimps and hos).
mascot Mascots (all pedestrians are mascots).
notrated Bloody Mess (everyone killed explodes into blood).

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