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Fallout Fallout 4
2017/05/10 2027

With the total reveal of how happiness is gained and managed, this achievement can now easily be completed with an established game and a settlement with only 2 settlers. By following this guide, ANY ESTABLISHED PLAYTHROUGH can complete the achievement with minimal effort and resources.

Fallout Fallout 4
2017/05/08 2139

This is a full list the Achievements and Trophies. Getting 100% of the Achievements, or Platinum, is going to take a lot of time as you’ll need to complete the single player game to 100% (Career Criminal) and also reach a rank of 100 in GTA Online (Above the Law).

GTA Grand Theft Auto V
2017/01/31 2535

The Wildlife Photography Challenge is part of the exclusive content on PS4 and Xbox One in Grand Theft Auto 5, and it can be accessed after completing the first Paparazzi Strangers & Freaks mission with Franklin, found in West Vinewood.

GTA Grand Theft Auto V
2017/01/22 4144

Peyote plant collectibles, which when consumed send you through a hallucinatory trip into the body of a random animal! There are 27 of these to find in total, and their small size means that you're unlikely to stumble across them by accident.

GTA Grand Theft Auto V
2017/01/13 12338

One of the most demanding goals in Grand Theft Auto V is earning the From Beyond the Stars achievement/trophy. Unlocking this is a combination of completing Strangers and Freaks missions and seeking out 50 space ship parts. Follow along to find out just how to complete this tricky mission.

GTA Grand Theft Auto V
2017/01/11 6177

There are 50 letter scraps that are spread throughout the entire map of Los Santos. These rather difficult to spot papers are pieces of a confession letter. Find them all and you will find the killer of Leonore Johnson.

GTA Grand Theft Auto V
2017/01/09 13325

Flying can be one of the quickest modes of transportation in Grand Theft Auto 5, but it's even more fun when you add a little danger. Throughout the map, there are 50 specific bridges that are considered "Going Under the Bridge" and will get you a little closer to completing the "Close Shave" achievement/trophy.

GTA Grand Theft Auto V
2017/01/03 3425

Stunt jump (Stunt jumps) in GTA 5 - jumping with the car or motorcycle, in special places. Execution stunt jumping on the bike with one hand, easier, and with another - more dangerous, as nasty fall can lead to death of the character. The performing of jumps is required for 100 percent completion of GTA 5, and the achievement / trophy. Makes sense to perform the stunt jumps as Franklin, because of his special ability - slow motion when driving.

GTA Grand Theft Auto V
2016/05/29 22183